Bed Throws, Quilts and Bedspreads

Bed Throws and Bed Runners, Quilts and Bedspreads for your bedroom

A bed throw can add so much to a room. And here you can find the widest choice of bed throws (sometimes called bed runners), bedspreads, and bed quilts available. We have found bed throws in a choice of the finest materials, including wool, chenille, mohair, faux fur, cashmere and even luxurious silk. Our choice also includes bed throws in a variety of colours - we're sure you will find something to fit your colour scheme - and some beautiful textile finishes, including quilted, chunky knit and woven throws.

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About Bed Throws

A quality bed throw can add an elegant and colourful finishing touch to a bedroom. The bed throws we have chosen to include in our list are all fine examples of textile making and will be sure to add a touch of quality and elegance to your room.

Choosing the right bed throw is of course a matter of personal taste. But many bed throws work best in colours that complement the bed covers - perhaps even contrast to stand out. Many bed throws offer the chance to bring unusual textiles and materials, with thicker weaves or quilts, that can stand out against smooth cotton duvet covers.

Bed Throw, Quilt or Bedspread?

These labels can be quite confusing, we know. We have included a fuller explanation about whether to choose a bed throw, quilt or bedspread here. But very simply, a bed throw is a smaller, blanket sized piece of material that is folded to lay across a bed for decoration, as well as for use as a blanket. Bed throws are also known as bed runners, and many of them can be used equally as well for sofa throws.

A bedspread is typically bigger than a bed throw, usually big enough to cover the bed completely, and reach the floor around the edge of the bed. See our choice of bedspreads here.

A quilt is simply a cover that has a filling, and is quilted by some intricate stitching to create texture and pattern. There are quilted bedspreads available (that is, quilts big enough to cover the whole bed), but there are also smaller quilts that can still be used to add beautiful decorative touches to a bedroom, as well as a warm and practical cover. See our choice of quilts here.

See our choice of bed throws in different materials using the links on the right, or see our quilts and bedspreads here. We hope you find the right bed throw for you.

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