Faux Fur Bed Throws

Faux fur is warm and sensuous, but is made without any animal cruelty, and comes at affordable prices! What better way to bring elegance, colour and texture to your bedroom. Plus of course a faux fur throw can be used as a warm blanket and will look equally as elegant as a sofa throw. We have selected the very best faux fur bed throws available, and our price checker updates all prices constantly, so you can find the perfect bed throw for you, at the very best price!

Our choice: Faux Fur Bed Throws and Sofa Throws

Featured Faux Fur Bed Throw

John Lewis have one of the best - if not the best - range of bed throws and bedspreads. At the last count they stocked around 70 plus different bed throws, including some from designer names such as Conran Heirlooms and Neisha Crosland. Plus they have almost 50 bedspreads too, which makes it so hard to choose any one item from their wonderful range. But we simply had to pick out this amazing Nordic faux fur bed throw. It feels so soft and warm, and looks great too! This faux fur throw comes with natural-looking grey and silver markings and measures 145cm x 200cm. It is also available in brown and cream, in a similar fur style.

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About our Faux Fur Bed Throw Choice

Our choice of faux fur throws includes something for everyone, in a range of colours and styles, as well as prices. The choice includes faux fur throws in very natural colours, including white, grey, cream, black and brown. Some of the throws have animal like stripes or sports. Some faux fur can be machine washed. However, always check the retailers and manufacturer's instructions, as there are plenty of faux fur throws that will require dry cleaning.

Faux fur is very fashionable, and it's not surprising why. Faux fur is soft and luxurious, and a faux fur bed throw adds a sensuous texture to your bedroom. And not only does it look and feel great. Faux fur is of course very warm too, and a faux fur throw can be the perfect comfort to snuggle under.

Faux fur or fake fur as it is sometimes know, is produced without any animal cruelty. The term refers to any material made of synthetic fibres designed to resemble fur. Faux fur was first developed in the late 1920s, but was only really commercially available 30 years later, and only recently has it become truly popular, owing to its promotion by animal rights and animal welfare organizations as an animal-friendly alternative to traditional fur. The production of fake fur is cheaper than that of real fur of high quality and its production actually consumes less energy than for farmed or trapped fur. Faux fur is not only used in bedding and home furnishing, but also for stuffed animals, fashion accessory and clothing, with fashion design houses such as Ralph Lauren promoting the use of fake fur in their collections.

Throws and runners will add a little more elegance and detail to any bed, and often are the key furnishings when making a room look complete. But sometimes choosing the right colour can be difficult. Should you go for something the is similar to your existing bedding? Or perhaps something in a completely contrasting colour? If you still can't decide, then you are on the right tracks choosing one of the natural looking faux fur bed throws. Since they are based on designs from nature, they will fit beautifully with any colour scheme.

As they are thicker and heavier, faux fur throw offers extra warmth that other bed throws, such as cotton bed throws, usually aren't able to. For similar warm bed throws, also see the quilt and quilted bed throws here.

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