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Cashmere wool is regarded as the finest luxury wool, and is perfect for making wonderfully soft, rich ned throws. With cashmere held in such high regard, cashmere bed throws make a wonderful luxury gift for anyone who enjoys a beautiful home. Plus of course who could resist treating themselves to such a wonderful item. Cashmere is so soft, elegant and luxurious, and we have selected the very best cashmere bed throws available, and our price checker updates all prices constantly, so you can find the perfect bed throw for you, at the very best price!

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John Lewis have one of the best - if not the best - range of bed throws and bedspreads. At the last count they stocked around 70 plus different bed throws, including some from designer names such as Conran Heirlooms and Neisha Crosland. Plus they have almost 50 bedspreads too, which makes it so hard to choose any one item from their wonderful range. As part of their bedding collection, they have a beautiful range of cashmere bed throws, such as this premium cashmere throw in peat colour. Such a beautiful piece of cashmere in such a delicate, natural tone, can be a great addition to any bedroom, especially where there is already plenty of colour.

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About Cashmere and Cashmere Bed Throws

Cashmere wool is a type of incredibly fine wool, which is soft to the touch and extremely strong, and is often known simply as ‘Cashmere’. It comes from the Cashmere goat (from the old spelling of Kashmir), which originates from the Kashmir region in Asia. However, many Cashmere goats can now be found in other parts of Asia, particularly China, India, and Tibet, among others. It is even harvested in Western countries, such as the USA. The wool which they produce is very thin. This explains the soft and feather-light feel of the material. The goats shed their coats annually. During the moulting season, farmers collect their flocks, removing the hair from the goats’ sides, neck, and stomachs (the latter two provide the best-quality wool). After a process known as de-hairing, the fleece is then ready to be made into fabric. The goats are usually brown, grey, or white. So, the natural colours of cashmere wool are the same: brown, grey, and white. Once the fleece is ready to be made into wool, it can be dyed. The material itself is especially versatile. It can be made into a fine or thick fibre, which can then be woven into a light or heavy fabric. Cashmere is well known for its warmth. Lightweight, as well as light to the touch, it makes the perfect clothing for any kind of climate. Due to the amount of natural fibres and thickness, and the fact that it has high moisture content from keeping the goats warm, it is adaptable in all conditions of humidity. In very cold weather, it is excellent for keeping you warm, but always maintains breath-ability.

A bed throw is more than just a bit of decoration for the bedroom. A bed throw from such wonderful material as cashmere can also be used as a simple blanket to keep you warm. And the bed throws above can just as easily be used as sofa throws, nicely draped over a couch or armchair in the living room. If you like the soft, natural feel of cashmere, also consider some of the mohair bed throws, or lambs wool bed throws.

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