If you are looking for something a little bigger than a bed throw or bed runner, then you should consider a bedspread. A bedspread should cover the bed completely, and can offer something both decorative and practical. We have selected the very best bedspreads available, and our price checker updates all prices constantly, so you can find the perfect bed throw for you, at the very best price!

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John Lewis have one of the best - if not the best - range of bed throws and bedspreads. At the last count they stocked around 70 plus different bed throws, including some from designer names such as Conran Heirlooms and Neisha Crosland. Plus they have almost 50 bedspreads too, which makes it so hard to choose any one item from their wonderful range. For example, this beautiful Floral French Quilt in deep rich Cassis colour. This bedspread is beautifully made, elegantly quilted, lightweight and is made from 100% cotton so is machine washable at 40°C.


About our Bedspread Choice

A bedspread should be large enough to cover the bed completely, with the sides quite low to the floor. Bedspreads might be considered an extra cover, a top cover that goes over your sheet and blankets, or over your duvet. This is done for both decorative and practical purposes; it can provide extra warmth, but also provide extra colour and style in a bedroom. A bedspread is an opportunity to introduce a contrasting colour to your bed, for example, something the is darker or lighter than your blanket or duvet cover. As with bed throws, they can be made of any fabric. We have included bedspreads of pure cotton, or amazing mixes of sateen, linen, velvet or silk. There are also various quilted bedspreads - quilt covers that are big enough to completely cover the bed. See our choice of the best bedspreads above.

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