Bed Throw, Quilt or Bedspread?

There are so many different products available these days, it can be confusing sometimes to find the right bedding for you. It seems retailers add to this confusion by giving their bedding all sorts of different, fancy names and labels. In particular, it's easy to get confused regarding bed throws, quilts and bedspreads.

What is the difference between a Quilt, Bed Throw and Bedspread?

Bed Throws and Sofa Throws

Bed throws are (usually) blanket sized stretches of fabric, usually from a more luxurious material such as mohair, cashmere or lambs wool, or soft fabrics such as quality cotton, chenille or faux fur. A bed throw is very versatile and can serve several purposes. First (and perhaps foremost) it is used or placed as a decorative addition to a bed, often folded and placed along the end or centre of the bed, adding extra colour and texture to the whole look. Bed throws can be used to great effect in interior design. And just because a designer or retailer labels it as a "bed" throw, doesn't mean it can't be used just as well as a sofa throw, or chair throw, for example. In fact anywhere in the home that might benefit from a bit of colour and beautifully textured material. But a throw is more than simply decorative; it can be used as a blanket also. A throw is usually made from a warm and comforting material, perfect for placing over cold shoulders or knees and keeping warm.

Bed Throw


Quilts (also know as bed quilts, or quilted bedspreads) are bed covers that are thicker than say a simple blanket, since they have a layer of filling (often polyester) that adds weight and warmth to the cover. The cover is then added a "quilted" texture by adding stitching that can be done in a variety of patterns. Quilts come in a range of sizes. There are smaller varieties that are usually just big enough to cover the mattress, to be used as a light cover or like a blanket, and also for beautiful decoration. There are also large bedspreads that will completely cover the whole bed. Quilts can be made from a variety of materials, including cotton, velvet and silk. See our choice of the best quilts here.

Quilts and Quilt Bedspreads


The most important factor that separates a bedspread from say a bed throw, or simply a quilt, is the size. A bedspread should be large enough to cover the bed completely, with the sides quite low to the floor. Bedspreads might be considered an "extra" cover, a top cover that goes over your sheet and blankets, or over your duvet. This is done for both decorative and practical purposes. A bedspread can provide extra warmth, but also provide extra colour and style in a bedroom. A bedspread is an opportunity to introduce a contrasting colour to your bed, for example, something the is darker or lighter than your blanket or duvet cover. As with bed throws, they can be made of any fabric. There are bedspreads of pure cotton, or amazing mixes of sateen, linen, velvet or silk. And just to confuse us, there are quilted bedspreads - quilt covers that are big enough to completely cover the bed. See our choice of the best bedspreads here.


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